My name is Mxolisi Hopewell Mavuso (Ngibhi) I am an intern at Computer Skills for Africa.

Since I got here I’m coping and I enjoy the tasks they give me, I have been here for few days but its like I have been here for years. Working with George and Patrick is so good because they have been teaching me lots of things especially the School Curriculum which is created for South African needs.

Since I got here I have learned many different computer skills. I’d like to encourage everyone to try the computer courses they do at Computer Skills for Africa so that they will be more computer literate. Being Computer literate is about making a difference in the world, creating new things, and helping others.

Computer Skills for Africa sells curriculum to schools to help learners to be computer literate. Computer Skills for Africa is also an International Computer Driving License Centre (ICDL), ICDL Is a certificate which proves that you are computer literate and you know how to use a computer.

I’d like to thank Greta for the opportunity she gave me I highly appreciate it,

Kind Regard,

Mxolisi Hopewell Mavuso (Ngibhi)