CS4A Internship – My Experience

“Well, it’s quite a learning process, I must say.”

That is probably my introductory quote for this post. But, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Thembinkosi Khumalo, and I am an Intern at Computer Skills for Africa.

So far, my experience here at CS4A is well, a little, intimidating, based on the challenges and tasks I face on my day-to-day basis (considering the fact that I work two days a week). I’ve been an intern since 7 June 2017. Not only do I work here as an intern, but I also learn and study to get my other qualifications, for example, my GCP, ICDL, etc. I was a little intimidated about the pass mark for GCP Assessment, which, in my high school and college experience, GAINING A 100% MARK IS NOT THAT EASY!”but, it’s worth a try.

To describe my feeling on working here, well, I would say for now, I am happy working here and learning to adjust into the CS4A environment. From what I experienced so far, well, it was a little bit challenging, but I have managed to get through every week. And I say this, it’s quite a learning process, but that’s what happens when you learn new things as a person, out of your comfort zone. It’s a bit fun to work here (even if you get mentally tired in front of the computer working), but it’s something that I deal with in my life. I’m grateful for this job, and I thank God for guiding me. I also thank my mom and grandma for their encouragement and support, and I thank the CS4A Team by having me as their intern, and to be part of their CS4A Family.


          Thembinkosi Khumalo

CS4A Intern

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