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Read on to find out how to certify your learners.

  1. Follow the CS4A Primary School Curriculum

    This is presented in your school to Grades R – 7 by the school teachers, using the straightforward Teachers Guides provided by CS4A.

  2. Do the Challenges

    At the end of each term, all grades complete at least one Challenge. The teacher marks the work and captures these marks in the provided Assessment Sheets.

  3. Register in September

    All grades can be registered for CS4A certificates. Only grade 7’s can be registered with e-Learner as well.

  4. CS4A certification

    Decide which learners in grades R– 7 will be eligible for a CS4A certificate. This is easy, if they have 75% or more they are eligible. Check our prices before you order.

    The following rules need to be observed for a student to qualify for a CS4A certificate:

    • There is no time restriction, the assessments can be repeated any number of times.
    • A student must have passed all challenges in a Grade to be eligible for a certificate.
    • Please submit the assessment sheets to CS4A sorted A-Z by surname along with your students DOB.
  5. E-Learner certification

    Decide which learners in grade 7 will be eligible for an E-Learner certificate. There are two conditions to satisfy:
    a.Did the learner get 75% or more for all the Challenges in Grade 7?
    b.Is the fee available for the E-Learner registration and exam? This might be paid by the school or collected from the parents.

This is how it works !

CS4A Certification

The teacher sends the completed Assessment Sheets to CS4A in September. The school will receive an invoice according to this stepped price list

CS4A Certification for each
2-20 = R80 21-50 = R70 51-100 = R45 101-200 = R22

 CS4A prints and sends the certificates to the school ready for Prize Giving

E-Learner Certification

How does it work? The teacher sends the completed Assessment Sheets and the completed E-Learner Registration template to CS4A  in September.

The school will receive an invoice for registrations and exams.
CS4A will register the learners online and notify the teacher when everything is ready. Note that these exams are online so a good Internet connection is essential. The exams will be unlocked at the agreed time.

The teacher then supervises the mock exam and the exam session and notifies CS4A when all the learners have finished.

CS4A applies for certificates and ICDL / e-Learner dispatches them to the school ready for prize giving.

What if the learner didn’t pass? 

Note: the pass mark for e-Learner is 70%.Rewrites can be done, following the same process as above.