One of the Mission Statements at CS4A is ‘Promote environmentally friendly behaviour’.

Therefore, we re-use and recycle in our office e.g. paper and ink cartridges. Ours is a small office so this won’t have a huge impact. However, we may encourage others to do so. Hence, we promote these activities through our curriculum, newsletter, web, in centre posters, in course material.

The CS4A policy to get the course material back from client schools after they have finished with it, is grounded in that.

We shred the books, recycle the paper and plastic and re-use whatever we can. At the same time, we protect the material from unauthorised use and so protect the legitimate clients.

We thank all the schools for being so cooperative on this issue. Perhaps it is a bit unusual and takes some getting used to, but on the whole people have been willing and obliging.

Thank you!

Mxolisi, the shred monster