Kids embracing computer skills

Please tell us about yourself so that readers can get to know you.

My Name is Llewellyn Gray and I am the Computer teacher at Huttenpark Primary School. I have been teaching computers for the last 15 Years

What inspires you?

I am passionate about teaching and believe that computers and IT and education go hand in hand. We have to teach our learners how to solve problems that don’t exist yet, using tools that they must still invent.

What qualification and / or experience do you have with regard to computers?

I have a teaching Diploma from DCE with computers as one of my main subjects. I have been teaching computers for the last 15 years.

What do you think the current educational trends are with respect to computer training?

I believe that computers can assist the learners to face the future. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of computers and the needed infrastructure to maintain them, many schools don’t use the computers to the full extent that it could be used. I believe to fully develop the role of computers in the education system will need a mind-shift from the controlling powers, Teachers and learners.

Why are you using the CS4A curriculum?

As there is no form of curriculum for computers CS4A allows all educators that take computers to follow a structured progression through the years.

How do you feel about the CS4A curriculum?

It is a great tool when starting a computer program in your school or when you have various teachers in the different grades. It keeps everyone on the same track.

What do you enjoy most about using the CS4A curriculum?

It brings a fresh perspective on the computer programme in the school. New ideas and how the computer class can be used to enrich the learners that use it.

What do the learners enjoy most about using the CS4A curriculum?

What part of the CS4A curriculum doesn’t work for you or the learners?

How much time would you say is taken up for preparation and or admin for these lessons?

The CS4A program saves a lot of time in preparing for computer lessons. The lessons are well thought out and are easy to follow.

Is the curriculum easy to understand; are there any difficult parts?

The curriculum is easy to follow and understand. A Glossary at the back of the manual might help teachers that are new to computers.

Have you printed any of the learners‘ work or examples to put up in the class room?


The CS4A curriculum is under continual development. What would you change/add to the CS4A curriculum?

A Glossary at the back of the manual might help teachers that are new to computers.

Do you feel that there should be a version of the CS4A curriculum in another language? If so, which language?

In our school Afrikaans would help.

Do you think that using the CS4A curriculum will improve computer literacy? Why?

Yes. It allows learners and teachers to discover so much of the computer. It has a good progression and learners never seem to stuck on the same programme for too long.

Would you recommend the CS4A curriculum?

Yes, any school starting a computer centre or programme must look a system to ensure that the centre is fully utilized. CS4A ticks all the right boxes.

Do you have any other comments or advice for colleagues?

Remember that computers is constantly developing and changing. Learn from the learners and discover new ways of doing things.