I was talking to a friend on Saturday and she said she wanted a new computer because her machine is really very old. So I said we are actually selling our desktop PC’s maybe you want to buy one of them? She said how old are they and why are you selling them?

So I told her we are replacing our desktop PC’s with laptops so we can take the training to the people instead of them taking time off away from the office. And in any case nowadays people are more interested in training on laptops. Our PC’s are 3 years old, they have flat screen monitors, they are in excellent condition – they don’t get used continuously like in an office, it’s a good deal at R 3000. You get the software with it.

Yes, she said but why would I buy a second hand machine if I can get a new one for that price? Well, strictly speaking you don’t get a new machine with these specs and the software for that price, but I saw her point.

In the same conversation she also said she was interested in learning to do a web site, can I help her?

So that is how we made a deal; it’s called a Package Deal, and you can also benefit from it if you like!

For R 3000, you get a refurbished desktop PC with flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse, and genuine Microsoft software. If you take the Package Deal, we give you R 500 discount on any computer course of your choice.

Interested? All you have to do is send an SMS with the word DEAL to 082 331 4909 and we’ll contact you with the details!