Jabu Mhlambi

In greeting, thank you, programme director, for inviting me to address this audience on this important day of their lives. I’m glad Greta has told me my speech should take about ten minutes. That suits me because I also don’t like listening to lengthy speeches.

When I was still very young there was a gramophone at home we were not allowed to play, it could only play fragile records. Every time we needed to enjoy its music we would summons bhuti Mafika (big brother) from a house across the street. My parents entrusted him with the responsibility to play music for us in their absence or when my dad was too busy reading something. As we became older, there was a Hi Fi which could play both records and the radio. The innovation was pleasing and the records were plastic and no longer as delicate as the gramophone ones.

Another great innovation was the fax which I started using around 1995 when I was working for Madadeni College of education. In your ICT background studies I’m sure you have been told what the microchip did to ICT advancement.

Today I have a tiny music system using an ipod, iphone and Ipad including radio!

My fear is that very soon the computer will be a dinosaur, it will be extinct.

Today, people like me or of my age can proudly say, from Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi because we have experienced the reign of both technologies and we are looking forward to what your age will still produce. You or our children could be saying from, Wii, Ipod, Ipad-tablet etc. to some new invention.

As you can see it is imperative for you to realize that what you have achieved today is not the end but it is the beginning of good things to come. If you end here the digital rhythm of change will catch up with you.

It is my wish, in fact our wish with Computer Skills for Africa, that you as a graduate today should ensure the ICT flame burns endlessly. You should venture into new terrains because the digital scope is wide; for instance, if you go into Google and search for Presidential National Commission on Information Society (PNC on ISAD) you will find a number of projects that are lined out by DTI for SMMEs.

From History you will learn that the global economy moved from agrarian then industrial and now digital. The department of is now looking up to ICT to transform the nature of our society by creating numerous jobs for the youth and also offer a lot of opportunities that will be brought about by digital migration.

So as you have been digitally enlightened we will look up to you to take up ICT Jobs and business opportunities that will enable you to empower future generations and contribute to eradicating the digital divide and poverty. For instance 70% white families are said to be active internet users because of the number of telephone lines in their households and workplaces while its only 30% for black internet users.


When time comes for computers to be dinosaurs and to bow out of our economy, we shall expect you to be actively involved in the new technology of the time as you should not be left behind.

Let me take this opportunity to say “Congratulations for the work well done”.


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