Claire Haliday

At the beginning of 2012, I introduced my grade 2 class to Primary Computer Skills for Africa. As they were new to the programme and not sure of what to expect, I started with the grade 1 activities. This worked very well and I have been able to complete 2 or 3 activities per lesson. The learners are now ready to progress to the grade 2 activities. The grade 1 class spent the first 2 terms leraning basic computer skills and terminology before starting the Primary Computer Skills for Africa programme.

Our learners have a wide range of computer skills, ranging from fairly advanced to very limited. Despite this I have found this programme to be beneficial to all my learners. The activities are short, simple and cover a wide range of basic and necessary skills that the learners will require when working on all programmes.

The learners enjoy their computer lessons and are having fun, learning and practicing valuable computer skills at the same time. The lessons are set out clearly which makes it easy for busy educators to follow. I have enjoyed using Primary Computer Skills for Africa and look forward to completing all the activities with the learners.

Claire Holliday

Uelzen Primary School
KwaZulu Natal