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In June 2009 Stucky Motors embarked on a company wide computer skills improvement programme.

Employees were to complete an ICDL Start certificate. Those who were not yet ready to do ICDL would start with General Computer Practice.

Employees attended courses. Tranferring the skills learnt from attending the course to practical skills at the workplace proved difficult.

At the beginning of 2012, Greta Bosiers suggested to Reiner Stucky (Dealer Principal) of Stucky Motors, a system of “Floating Mentor”. As an added benefit employees can get advanced training on selected areas.

Reiner Stucky agreed.

In March 2012 George Kumlehn started mentoring employees from the Newcastle branch of Stucky Motors. From May 2012 John Fordyce started mentoring Stucky Motors Volksrust.

Was it a success?

We asked Reiner Stucky for his opinion of the “Floating Mentor” system.

We have used the Floating Mentor System with CS4A since March 2012. I like it because you can ask anything relating to computers that you have a problem with. The mentor is friendly and diplomatic and he visits on a regular basis. It is efficient because our employees don't even have to leave their workstations, and they can just ask quick questions that are relevant to what they need to do at work. The bottom line is productivity gain of employees.

Reiner Stucky, Stucky Motors

Do you think you can benefit from the “Floating Mentor” training programme?

Contact Greta or get more information from our offices at 51 Ayliff Street, Newcastle.