26-Greta Bosiers with Ntokozo Dhlamini

Importance of Information technology

  • The convenience and effectiveness of computers has increased their use
  • Most companies use computers to operate – when computers are down nothing will be done
  • Colleagues, friends and families are connected using computer networks to share information – no need to travel
  • Career opportunities (incl. maintenance):
    • Network
    • Software Development
    • Design / Art
    • Computer Technician
    • Online Business (Growing trend)
      • Facebook (4 Feb 2004)
      • Whatapp (2009)
      • Twitter (March 2006)

Future development (gap)

  • Future development of computer systems is the banking system for:
    • Physically challenged
    • Old aged
  • IT is here to help tackle any challenge we might have because we want to do it more convenient and effectiveness