Why do so many computer teachers want to use our curriculum?

I expect you think because it is so easy to use.

Maybe because the kids really enjoy the activities.

Or because it is rewarded with a certificate and that’s a nice motivation for achievers and parents.

Also of course because it saves teachers time. I mean, which teacher these days has time to sit and invent computer based activities that cover a multitude of skills?

Schools will be interested in integrating computer skills with all other subjects, yes, that makes sense, but do we then address a variety of computer skills or is it just repeating the copy-paste-from-the-internet-into-PowerPoint-and-present-it-to-the-class-routine, just varying the content. Kids should be really good at that by now.

So what we’ve done, is analysed several computer syllabi and pulled out all the skills that primary schools kids can cope with and built a comprehensive curriculum around that. We then pulled in all subjects under the sun and threw in a good deal of values. Remember you don’t want to just transfer skills, you want to impart an education. Include attitudes and wholesome values.

Once we had that, we coined in a Single Site Licence so that the curriculum is not only affordable, (R 880 per grade for a whole year) but it also includes as many kids, computers and teachers as are part of the school. We went a step further, after 365 days, the upgrade is available at 50% of the price, but even that is not compulsory. We also allow schools to RENEW their existing licence, thus extending it for another year. This can be done twice in a row.

Really, you don’t have an excuse NOT to use this curriculum.

And that is why so many computer teachers want to use our curriculum.

Have a GREAT day!