Bobby Abrahamse

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.

Attributed to Harry S. Truman

Learning Computers can be fun!

We have taught computer literacy at Dundee High School for many years. Teachers and learners complete exercises from the Computer Skills for Africa High School Curriculum. Bobby Abrahamse taught Grade 8 & 9 pupils in 2008 before pursuing a career with Dabmar Manufacturing.

Please tell us about yourself so that readers can get to know you.

I am 35 years of age. A family man with one little monster of 6 years. I am currently working as a Procurement Officer at a manufacturing company.

What inspires you?


Learners try all sorts of tricks to make the teacher look silly. What was the worst thing any student did to you in a computer class?

My first day of teaching, the kids swopped the mouse around and then complained that the mouse was not working. It took me the better part of 15 minutes to figure out what they have done.

In the past few years, certain common trends have emerged in the market for computer training. In the face of difficult economic situations, the corporate sector has started implementing a host of measures aimed at streamlining investments in computer training as well as the personnel who deliver the training. What do you think the current educational trends are with respect to computer training?

As a Procurement officer, you always look to find the best deal for your company. Unlike physical products, training can not be judged on price. Although price plays a big role, you have to consider the quality of training given and how the training can be implemented in the workplace. Not all staff has the same training needs, and it is important for a service provider to identify these needs and train staff accordingly.

The purpose of this interview is to speak to people who have used the High School Curriculum in the past. Why were you using the High School Curriculum?

The High School Curriculum was well presented. The lessons were broken up into sections that allowed you to focus on specific skills without “overloading” the students. It was also fun for the learners.

What did you enjoy most about using the High School Curriculum?

The fact that it allowed the learners to practically use the skills that they have learned.

Computers literacy covers a broad range of users. Whilst the High School Curriculum is specifically aimed at High School learners, who do you think will benefit from using the High School Curriculum?

Any person that has some basic knowledge of computers will benefit from this curriculum.

The High School Curriculum is under continual development. What would you change/add to the High School Curriculum?

It has been about two years since I have used the curriculum. I would have allowed more projects and even some group work for the learners.

Do you think that using the High School Curriculum will improve computer literacy? Why?

Definitely. Although a lot kids are “self taught” on computers, the curriculum teaches them that bit extra, as well as the correct way to perform action/tasks.

Would you recommend the High School Curriculum?

I would certainly recommend this curriculum to any educational institution, not only high schools but even FET colleges can benefit from this.