Qophumlando testimonial

Primary schools all over Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal use our computer curriculum for primary schools.

This is what MS Zulu from Qophumlando Senior Primary School in Osizweni thought of our curriculum.

This is to certify and confirm the vast knowledge and skills that are presented and displayed in the programme from Computer Skills for Africa.

The programme is a must have for all primary schools who wish to embark on teaching computer skills to learners. It's got all, I mean all and it is developed in such a way that the skills learners learn are all included in their activities. We salute all the people who were involved in developing this curriculum; they had interests of our learners at heart.

It's got the skills yet not so expensive, it's affordable! Learners enjoy the activities and the facilitator's task made easy.

M.S. Zulu (facilitator), Osizweni, Kwa-Zulu Natal