the cool ic3

The IC3 competition presents an exciting opportunity for learners at High School to obtain a worthwhile future proof qualification whilst still at school. Learners can get a qualification that enhances their cv and get credit from tertiary institutions if they wish to study further.

Computer Skills for Africa invites schools in the Amajuba district of Kwa-Zulu Natal to enter a competition. The top 3 learners will receive an IC3. If you don't yet have a promotional pack contact us to receive your competition package.

Rules for the competition:

  1. The competition is free.
  2. The competition promoter is Computer Skills for Africa.
  3. The competition is only open to learners in Grade 8–12 in participating schools in the Amajuba district of Kwa-Zulu Natal.
  4. By entering the competition the students agree to be bound by its rules.
  5. Closing date for the first round is 22 June 2012.
  6. The students’ details must be filled out on an enrolment form, which is provided on page 2.
  7. The teacher at participating schools will judge the exercise and choose ten winners.
  8. The ten learners from each school will attempt a further exercise from which Computer Skills for Africa will choose the top 15.
  9. In the event of a tie, the learner with the highest average for CAT or IT will be chosen.
  10. The top 15 learners will attend a final on 3 September 2012.
  11. Independent auditors will confirm the results.
  12. The main prize is an IC3 Scholarship which is not transferable. This prize will be presented to the top 3 on 3 September 2012.
  13. Prizes must be claimed within 3 months.
  14. The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  15. Winners will be announced in the Newcastle Advertiser and on the Computer Skills for Africa website.



The folder exercise I, contains all the files needed by you to complete the assessment.

Answers contain a set of completed questions. Do not copy this folder to the learners’ computer.

ic3 contain a set of files needed to complete one of the questions.

office2003 contain files needed to complete some of the questions. Use these files if you have Microsoft Office 2003 installed.

office2007 contain files needed to complete some of the questions. Use these files if you have Microsoft Office 2007 or later installed.

What do I copy to the learners’ computer?

Copy the ic3, and either the office2003 or the office2007 folder to the learners’ computer.

Rename the officexxxx folder to <candidate name & surname>.

Any candidate who does not rename their folder will receive 0.

Make sure the learners understand this before they start the exercise.

You can copy the folder to “My documents” or the learners’ desktop.


Make sure the learners save their files to their folders. Do not mark any files outside of the learners’ folder.

If the learner completes all the questions they will have the following files in their folder.

Office 2003

  • Stage I <learners name>.doc
  • Health <learners name>.doc
  • times-tables <learners name>.xls
  • ic cool <learners name>.ppt

Office 2007

  • Stage I <learners name>.docm
  • Health <learners name>.docx
  • times-table <learners name>.xlsx
  • ic cool <learners name>.pptx

Do not mark any learners’ answers not saved correctly.

Mark schedule

Refer to the comments in the completed questions found in the Answers folder.


How many learners qualify for Stage II?

The top 10 from each school qualify for the next stage.

What do I do in the event of a tie?

In the event of a tie, choose the learner with the highest class average for CAT or IT. eg Jack Krause and Jill Kunene both get 18/21 for the test. Jack’s CAT average for the year is 82% and Jill’s CAT average for the year is 89%. The average mark does not take into account the learners grade. Therefore, Jill Kunene will qualify for the top 10.

Can the learners rewrite the exercise?


Will you allow the learners to practice the test before writing it?


Who do I contact with any queries?

Contact John or George at Computer Skills for Africa.

Phone: 034 326 4624

Email: or

Physical address: 51 Ayliff Street, Newcastle.

Do I run this exercise with all my classes?

Yes. All CAT and IT classes must do this exercise.

What about learners who don’t do CAT or IT?

You can let them write the exercise during class or send them to 51 Ayliff Street, Newcastle. Computer Skills for Africa will administer their test.