Primary Curriculum 2013

Do you have to constantly reinstall the Primary Curriculum activities on the childrens computers because they keep saving over the original files? Why don’t you make the files read only.

Read Only means that you can look at the files, but you cannot save over them, or overwrite them. This means that your children won’t be able to overwrite the installation files, saving you the trouble of having to reinstall the files every time a child changes them.

The process to make the files read only is very simple, and will take a moment of your time. These instructions are for Windows XP and 7. The pictures will be different, but the method is the same.

Step 1: Find the Primary Curriculum Shortcut on your desktop and double click on it to open up the folders which contain the various activities.

Step 2: Highlight all of the folders, from Grade R–7. NB, you will only see the grades that you have ordered.

Step 3: Once you have highlighted the folders, you need to Right Click on one of the folders, to display a menu. Choose the bottom option, Properties.

Step 4: Place a tick by the Read Only option, located at the bottom of the Properties dialog box.

Step 5: Make sure you apply the changes to all the files and folders.