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Miss Bianca Swanepoel is also at Drakensberg and teaches the Grade 4.s as well as an English Grade 5 class.

  • Greta: Morning Miss Swanepoel. Can I observe the class for a while and can we talk after the lesson?
  • Miss Swanepoel: That—s fine!
  • Greta: (From interaction with the learners I can tell that they are struggling a bit but are enthusiastic and enjoying their lesson. It is an English Grade 5 class)
  • Greta: I see you have quite a challenge, how do you feel about the curriculum?
  • Miss Swanepoel: Dit is baie oulik, daar is net een problem, veral met my Engelse klasse , hulle ken glad nie rekenaars nie en hulle kry swaar. Die oefeninge is te moeliik vir hulle en hulle maak verskriklike foute. The save as is almost impossible to teach properly and to go to their own folder.
  • Greta: Jy is welkom om die laer grade se werk te gebruik. Ons het dit net verdeel, maar jy kan dit aanpas. Wat van die graad 1, 2 en 3 werk? Hulle moet liewer iets doen wat hulle ken en dan vorder soos hulle kan. The problem about saving as also came up with Mr Talke, so I suggested making the files Read-Only before you put them on the computers. That way the learners are forced to go to save as and change the name or location.
  • Miss Swanepoel: Ok, that will help.
  • Greta: Which parts of the curriculum did you print out?
  • Miss Swanepoel: Only the Teachers Guides.
  • Greta: How much time would you say is taken up for preparation and or admin for these lessons?
  • Miss Swanepoel: About half an hour a week, I do the activities for my classes for the coming week.
  • Greta: Is the curriculum easy to understand; are there any difficult parts?i
  • Miss Swanepoel: There are no difficult parts so far.
  • Greta: What qualification and / or experience do you have with regard to computers?
  • Miss Swanepoel: Actually none. I sort of know my way around a computer but that—s all. I—m still studying as well.
  • Greta: If we can help, maybe when your studies are finished, you could enrol for a computer course with us?
  • Miss Swanepoel: Yes, that would be nice . I must just find the time!

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