Primary Curriculum

Here at Computer Skills for Africa we are passionate about computers. We are also passionate about teaching as well as providing quality training material for teachers to conduct training, because in today’s society if you cannot use a computer then you are at a severe disadvantage compared to someone who has experience working on a computer.

The best time to start teaching someone basic computer skills is when they are in Primary School. By starting at primary level you can lay down a foundation of various skills, so that by the time a child gets to High School they will already have learnt many of the needed computer skills. A child who has worked with computers since Primary School will have an advantage over someone who only starts learning in High School.

We have been supplying and developing a curriculum to Primary Schools for many years now, every year we release a new revised edition and over the years our curriculum has only gotten bigger and better.

In 2008 our curriculum for primary school had activities for each school term as well as a breakdown of skills that were covered per term. This version was available in Microsoft Office 2003.

In 2009 the curriculum was made available in Microsoft Office 2007 as well. We also added more content, explanations and pictures to both versions of the curriculum.

In 2010 the layout of the Teachers Guides changed, making it easier to read and work with.

In 2011 we worked on the Skills Mapping extending and adding more skills, giving each activity its own list of skills that were covered. We also added new activities.

In 2012 Challenges were introduced as assessments at the end of each term, we also added many more new activities

The 2013 edition of the curriculum is available in any combination of the following: Windows XP, Windows 7, Office 2007 and Office 2010. We also introduced the Grade R curriculum, with its own Skills Grid introducing CAD Skills at an early age.

The 2014 edition promises to be exciting as well, adding more CAD skills throughout all the grades and launching the CS4A Certificate for Primary School.

If you are still not convinced, then have a look at our samples.

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