Elize van Rooyen and Phillip

We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our animals to thank you for affording us this opportunity. The SPCA needs the support of the community and we are truly grateful that you are one of those Companies/people who take the time to get involved.

Not many people realise how important it is to be computer literate in our profession and therefore we chose the SPCA inspector Mrs Elize van Rooyen to go on the course. She has become more productive as the knowledge she has gained has given her more confidence. She is no longer nervous to present any dockets for court cases. They are now professional in appearance and more important neater which means there is less chance of any misunderstandings especially when she has to do a statement. After learning to use PowerPoint she can compile a decent presentation which is necessary for educational purposes.

Her productivity has increased as she no longer wastes time trying to figure out how to work with different programs and she does not have to call on anyone else to show her. She does the "showing" now. She no longer goes into panic mode when sitting in front of her computer as she is now in command and that has made a great difference in her approach to her work and time management.

In general everything she has learnt has made a huge difference to her work. Elize has always been very knowledgeable and proficient in her field work but now she breathes easier when she comes back into the office and sits at her computer knowing she can just get on with her paper work.

Needless to say this has all made a difference to all the animals she deals with and most importantly to those who need to be protected through the courts.


The SPCA is always looking for community members to help out or make a donation. Please contact your local SPCA to find out how you can help. To get hold of the Newcastle SPCA Phone 034 318 2346. You could also Like the NSPCA facebook page.