ICDL is a computer qualification which has been around for many years now. There are a variety of modules to choose from and once you have passed the exam, you will have earned yourself an international qualification, which is a good qualification to have on your CV.

If the exam is paper based, it takes a few days to be marked by a qualified ICDL Examiner.
There are sample tests available which you can complete, but this means that you need to find someone who is QUALIFIED to mark the test for you and help you with the questions you get wrong. The pass mark for each ICDL exam is 75%, which means that you cannot afford to make ANY mistakes when you write your exam.

We at Computer Skills for Africa now offer Computer Based Testing, or CBT Assessments as well as Exams using testing software called NEO.

A candidate can write a Neo Assessment, or pre test, before writing the exam. The advantage to writing an assessment is that you will get the results to your assessment as soon as you finish the assessment. The results will also give you an indication whether you are ready to write your exam or not.
The assessment is carried out in a simulated environment, which means you do have some freedom to click around and explore. The questions in the Assessment are not linked, which means that if you get one question wrong it won’t affect another question.

Once you have completed the assessment you will be given a report, which will give you an idea of what areas you need to concentrate on, or learn, before you write your exam.
The assessment can be written multiple times, each attempt costs R40. The picture below is an example of the result page of a Neo assessment, in which the candidate needs to concentrate on a few red areas, for example Working with Documents, Enhancing Productivity, ETC.

    Neo Exam

Once you have finished writing your assessment and feel confident enough to write your exam, you can write your exam using NEO. All the advantages to writing an assessment with NEO also apply to the exam. You are then already used to the interface with the testing software.

Advantages to writing in NEO:
• The software is very user friendly and allows for freedom to “click around”
• You can choose what software you want to write in.
• You get a printed report when you are finished writing your assessment or exam.
• You get your results as soon as the test is finished, no more waiting in dread while an examiner marks your exam.
Why don’t you come visit Computer Skills for Africa and try an assessment?
For more information regarding ICDL, you can visit this link: http://www.cs4a.co.za/courses/intermediate/