I’m Muzi Nzama from Blaauwbosch no 2267. Ever since I grow up it was my dream to know how to use a computer but unfortunately I didn’t grab that chance while I was at school because of some reasons like financial problems. But now I just want to thank God for making my dream come true because now I’m doing General Computer Practice at Computer Skills for Africa. Da first time when one of my colleagues tell me that he is willing to help me to do this cause I was thinking that it will be so difficult cause I was having no clue how to start if u want to use a computer.

When time goes on I realize that actual computer is not a difficult thing to use because computer just need you to concentrate and listen each n everything that ur instructor tells you. So since I start this cause I can use a computer now from word processing, Microsoft excel and also basic computer operations. So I just want to encourage other peoples outside who want to do computer cause Computer Skills For Africa is good place to study cause is to different with other places you get fully attention on class ,Teachers gives you self time to participate well before you write your final assessment. Thanks a lot to Computer Skills for Africa I really appreciate the way you do your job especially to the staff.

Note from CS4A: Muzi’s English is not perfect, but we wanted to give you a true reflection so we didn’t make changes.