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Mthos’ first impressions of CS4A

Mthokozisi Sithole joined the CS4A team in June 2010 and has become an invaluable member. We asked him to write about his experiences. This is his response:

Computers are part of our everyday life they are found in almost every field of work, they make life much easier and do things that would consume a lot of time, in a short period of time.

It is important that everyone knows how to use a computer in order to secure a satisfying job, so I feel good to be part of the company that is trying to make people computer literate. It feels good to be one of the people who are making a change in peoples' lives by equipping them with the most vital skills in this area, which is using computers.

Working at Computer skills for Africa has been great in the past two months. Being part of the big project which is training the municipal employees I don’t think I would have obtained such an opportunity if I had not joined CS4A and being part of this project will always be something that I will not forget. It feels good to bump into the people who have been candidates in this projects in town and they can’t forget you and the things they have learnt it feels good to know that I have contributed something to their lives that makes them better people in this era which is dominated by computer usage. The joy that I saw in their faces when they discovered some of the great things that they can do with computers — it was like seeing a child when they are about to open a Christmas present.

Obtaining my ICDL was one of the best moments I’ve had in CS4A, and the parties that I’ve been to have been great and I’m so looking forward to attending more parties hosted by CS4A, and the team members are great they create a good working environment full of humour, they can make your day even if you been having a bad day.

It is nice working at CS4A because you get to interact with different people every day and each person you meet has one or two things that interest you or that you can learn something from, so every day you always go home with a story to tell good or bad. Every day presents a new challenge and you have to improvise to overcome that challenge. One thing I’ve learnt during my time here is to be flexible and deal with situations as they come. For example we have had to run the place with some other team members not present but we did manage, so improvising is part of our game and it is one skill that an individual should acquire.

I have learnt a lot if things that are of value to me for instance managing time, binding, invoice capturing, doing a bit of finance (petty cash), and more admin work. I have also learnt to be a team player and I have learnt the do’s and don’ts when it comes to running the business and how to maintain a healthy working relationship with customers, most importantly I have learnt that when you promise to deliver something to your customer you must do so and deliver something of value to the customer.

Working at CS4A has enhanced my skills when it comes to public speaking, overcoming the fear of presenting something to the audience, I have gained confidence in that respect and I am positive that I can now do any kind of presentation with enough preparation and that is all thanks to CS4A.

I have also been exposed to businesses that I did not know before my arrival at CS4A for instance Xerox which I believe is one of the biggest printing companies in Newcastle and I wouldn’t have gotten such opportunity if I had not join CS4A, and I truly believe that there is still more for me to learn at CS4A and I will seize every opportunity that to learn something new.

I have recently started learning HTML and CSS and I can’t wait to put all the knowledge I have acquired into practice, I have also enjoyed being part of the young mind program teaching Asanda — that has taught me how important it is to equip our young ones with computer skills because they are so enthusiastic and their minds are like sponges so it is better to give equip them with these skills at an early age so that using computers won’t be difficult as they grow up. I believe that will make our country a better country and CS4A is doing exactly that and it feels like I am part of the team that is building the cathedral for the next generation and it is thanks to CS4A.

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