Kids embracing computer skills

Please tell us about yourself so that readers can get to know you.

I’m an assistent teacher at Drakensberg Primary School. I teach computers from Grade 1 to Grade 3.

What inspires you?

It is a great program to teach to children because in today’s life everything has to do with technology. Because I didn’t grow up with computers it inspires me to teach children at a young age to work with computers so that they don’t feel confused like I did.

What qualification and/or experience do you have with regard to computers

Through High School I started working with computers and learned more. No qualification.

What do you think the current educational trends are with respect to computer training?

All the schools are teaching computer skills by now. So it is a growing trend. Over a few years all the children will use computers in the classrooms.

Why are you using the CS4A curriculum?

It has all the skills on it that the children need to learn. And they learn it through a fun way.

How do you feel about the CS4A curriculum?

I like it.

What do you enjoy most about the using the CS4A curriculum?

It is set out in a good manner for the teacher. The children enjoy it very much.

What do the learners enjoy most about using the CS4A curriculum?

They enjoy the fun things. The pictures etc. They also like it when they learn something new in a fun way.

What part of the CS4A curriculum doesn’t work for you or the learners?

The Grade 0 work is much too difficult for a Grade 0 child. They can’t count to 30 of 40 to join the dots to make the picture. It also has a lot of files to go in before the children get to the actual work. It is sometimes very confusing and mixed up. When I teach them how to paste and cut/copy, I would like follow up exercises without looking for them in other files.

How much time would you say is taken up for preparation and or admin for these lessons?

About an hour everyday.

Is the curriculum easy to understand; are there any difficult parts?

It takes time to understand it. I have to go and do everything practical in order to explain it to the little children.

Have you printed any of the learners’ work or examples to put up in the class room?

No I have not.

The CS4A curriculum is under continual development. What would you change/add to the CS4A curriculum?

I would make different files for each skill. A cut and paste file with follow up exercises, so the children can do lots of work without having to go to a different file.

Do you feel there should be a version of the CS4A curriculum in another language? If so, which language?

Yes, in Afrikaans.

Do you think that using the CS4A curriculum will improve computer literacy? Why?

Yes, the children learn the skills they should know for later life.

Would you recommend the CS4A curriculum?

Do you have any other comments or advice for colleagues?