Malwanded Ngobese

Malwande Ngobese offers some insight into studying at Computer Skills for Africa. His results have been astounding.

In this interview we asked Malwande to answer some questions about Computer Skills for Africa (cs4a). He graciously obliged.

What were the obstacles that would have prevented you from attending ICDL Formula 6?

The only obstacle that would have prevented me from attending ICDL Formula 6 was that cs4a was very hard to find. In my opinion cs4a is not well located and therefore not many people know about it. Besides the location, cs4a is also not well marketed, in the sense that when people talk about other schools which offer computers, they quickly acknowledge them; but with cs4a people had a hard time to acknowledge its whereabouts and even its existence even after I explained it to them and gave them directions. So, I highly recommend that cs4a invests in their advertising

What did you find out as a result of attending ICDL Formula 6?

As a result of attending ICDL Formula 6, I found that the course package met my level of requirements. At other schools they only offered managing files, using windows xp, word processing (Microsoft Word), Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint), and Internet and email. Cs4a not only offers those which I've mentioned, but also includes basic concepts of IT, spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), and Databases (Microsoft Access). These all fall under ICDL.

Cs4a also offers beginners courses for people who've never worked with computers, and they also offer Advanced courses for people who want to improve their skills.

What specific feature did you like most about ICDL Formula 6?

The feature that I liked about ICDL F6, is that the software is updated, which in turn provides many features which are user friendly. Other schools still use Microsoft Office/Works 2003. Cs4a has software from Office 2003 and Office 2007, and gives you the choice of using whichever one you want.

What would be three benefits about ICDL?

Would you recommend ICDL Formula 6? If so why?

I recommend ICDL F6 only to those who know how to teach themselves and don't require to be taught. If you cannot teach yourself the ICDL F4 is for you: you will get taught by an educator whereas with ICDL F6 you only have the privilege of asking and educator for help if you get stuck. I also recommend ICDL F6 because it's very affordable, and its costs include a curriculum to help you study, and it also includes 7 exams, which doesn't give the student any hassles.

  1. Cs4a has friendly and skilled educators, so as a student you improve and gain knowledge, but you also enjoy learning while you learn.
  2. Cs4a is also accredited with the ISETT SETA, which means the level of learning is up to standard.
  3. ICDL is an internationally recognised qualification which can be an advantage when you're looking for a job anywhere around the world.