39-Fantastic presentation from Hutten Park Primary

CS4A recently hosted a colloquium on techno-savvy learners. What is a colloquium? Many had to look it up. What is techno-savvy? That was the question. We then referred to it as a mini conference on computers in schools, which was easier to explain. It didn’t make the content any easier however. The subject matter was complicated enough and we certainly haven’t exhausted it. The delegates got quite involved in discussions and many asked to hold another event in that vein. The colloquium was well attended and several delegates travelled from afar; one of the guest speakers, Mrs Mangwiro, came from Johannesburg and Mrs Macheke flew in from Cape Town to share her thoughts with us that evening.

  • Ms Sibongile Masondo, ICT coordinator of the Department of Education Amajuba District, spoke about ‘Planting the seed of Digital Citizenship’ as the opening address and motivated educators to use ICT to make learning an anyone anywhere anytime event.
  • Mr Ntokozo Dhlamini, Senior Lecturer IT at Majuba FET College, addressed the audience about ‘Why learners should be techno-savvy’ and pointed out that ICT supports each and every branch of modern human activity.
  • Ms Faye Macheke, Business Development Manager for Africa at ICDL Africa, shed some light on ‘What it means to be techno-savvy’. This is such an interesting and debatable issue, and her presentation really got the delegates going in passionate discussions.
  • Dané Potgieter, Jade Schoeman, Jonathan de Swart and John Oberholster, Grade 7 learners at Huttenpark Primary, stole the show with their presentation on ‘My techno classroom experience’. They highlighted how their school uses computers in the various phases, as subject support, e.g. for reading and maths skills, and to learn to use common applications integrated in all subjects making class work more fun and adding value to homework and communications.
  • Ms Greta Bosiers, Founder of Computer Skills for Africa, entitled her presentation ‘How do learners become techno-savvy?’ which emphasized the digital divide across the world as well as between SA schools, and offered an easy and affordable solution as a step towards bridging this divide.

CS4A want to thank all delegates and guest speakers for their tremendous participation and also the retailers: Incredible Connection, Stenex and Surtees for exhibiting their wares and so adding more interest to the event. A special thank you to Mooiplaas for sponsoring the wholesome and delicious crunchies.

Greta wants to thank the team; John, George, Varsha, Raoul and Mlungisi for their efforts and excellent work. You can truly do anything if your attitude is positive and you are part of a team that works together.

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