Hilldrop Heritage School has won the 5-year Loyalty Award!

CS4A is very proud of the first Loyalty Award winner!


Well done, Hilldrop!

How does the Loyalty Award work?

Schools that have offered the CS4A curriculum for 5 consecutive years are eligible for a SUPER award! The school will receive

  • Certificates for 50 learners for their computer achievements (valued at R 80 each).
  • The 5-year Loyalty Award certificate to display proudly in the foyer or the computer centre.
  • The teacher(s) who presented the curriculum will receive 5-pointed star awards.

Which criteria did we consider and how does it work?

  1. The school must be currently on the CS4A curriculum.
  2. The school must have run the CS4A curriculum with their computer classes for 5 years in a row.
  3. The teacher(s) assesses the learners according to the given Challenges and Assessment Sheets for a whole year.
  4. Note that the qualifying mark is 75% in order to receive a certificate.
Below are some pictures of the prize giving.
Teachers receiving their stars






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