Fundamentals 2010

In today’s ever changing world if you don’t know how to use a computer you are at a big disadvantage. Computers are used for many tasks which up to a few years back were done by human hands only. Computers can be used to write a neat letter or to calculate a math problem in a few seconds. Using a computer however is not enough. You need to learn how to use a computer properly.

Once you have finished learning basic skills it is important to not stop. To keep up with technology in this world you need to know how a computer works. Most schools today offer computer courses for children who by the time they have finished school will have a fair understanding of how to use a computer. They can then use these skills to make their life much easier and to perform complex actions in a few moments.

Computers are used to make your life easier but unless you know how to use one it will turn out to be more difficult to use a computer. What many people don’t realise that computers are in fact very easy to use and should be used to their full extent and potential. This doesn’t only include playing games or playing music but also for studying purposes.

I am a teacher who works for Computer Skills for Africa and I have finished teaching a basic computer course, called Fundamentals.

Fundamentals is a very basic computer course which teaches you valuable keyboard and mouse skills. It is important to learn these skills before moving on to more fun things like playing with icons on a desktop.

Fundamentals follows SAQA unit standards so when the course is over, after 5 lessons, you can write an assessment. Once you have been declared competent you will receive a certificate with an official serial number.

Fundamentals is only 5 lessons long but by the time you are finished you will have learned many important things, for example opening and closing a program, or application. You will also learn what everything that is connected to a computer is called. The last thing you will learn is basic typing skills, which will help you to learn how to type faster using a keyboard. By typing faster you will get tasks done much faster than by doing it by hand.

Fundamentals also comes with a CD with documents used during the course. Some of the activities in the manual make use of these documents and the final assessment you write also uses these files.

Each lesson is 2 hours long and after each lesson there is an activity for you to complete, based on what you have finished learning. By combining all that you have learnt you will be able to do simple tasks on a computer and get these tasks done faster than by doing it by hand.


Do you know someone who is technologically challenged?

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