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The CS4A High School Curriculum has been used by schools in Northern KZN since 2000. Some learners are being prepared with these lessons to write International exams and their results are outstanding!

The Curriculum is full of practical exercises and activities and will greatly benefit learners in preparation for or while doing CAT (Computer Assisted Technology). The Curriculum is aligned with ICDL. Over and above the CS4A certification process, educators can contact their nearest centre for accredited international examinations and certifications.

The activities are aligned with the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) of the Department of Education.

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All grades in high school can be taught any of the 5 modules: Word-processing, Computer Essentials, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Online Essentials. There is a Workbook per module.


The Grade 8 -12 Workbooks explain how to use the applications and contain lots of practical integrated exercises aligned with CAPS. They give clear explanations accompanied by screenshots.

There is one Workbook per module. The school can order a Workbook for each learner. Alternatively, the school can obtain a Workbook per PC, so that the learners in the different classes have access to the book.

The High School material differs from the Primary School in that the learners need to have access to a printed book. If the learners don’t have a text book then they would only have the instructions in the activity to work with and no software tips or explanation on how to do the various tasks in the activity, which is why we specify that a school purchase a textbook per computer, if not per learner.


The school will acquire a Single Site License Agreement. This includes one Workbook per module and a DVD with all the activities, solutions and a whole range of free educational software and printable posters. Educators can also make use of the unlimited telephonic and email support.


Contact your nearest centre for accredited international examinations and certifications.

Grade 8-12