Having all your settings in one place

In Microsoft Windows, the Control Panel is used to change a variety of different system settings, for example you can change your default printer, set up a network, change your desktop background, etc.

The Control Panel is divided up into different categories, which are used to group these settings logically.
For advanced users however, you could put all these settings into one big folder.
NB: The Super Control Panel only works in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

How to create the Super Control Panel

Highlight the string below and copy it.


Now create a folder somewhere and give it a name. I am using the name Super Control Panel as an example. Remember to put a . at the end of your folder name, like the picture below.


Paste the string you copied in the first step at the end of your folder name, like the picture below.


When you press enter to finish creating the folder, your folder will turn into a Control Panel icon like the picture below.


If you double click on this folder to open it, you will notice that all the control panel settings are in one place.

NB: It is easier to view this folder in the Details format.