Computer training specials

How often do you think, "I want to learn more."

Learning a new skill or improving your skills takes time. You know you want to and you know it will help you, but life gets in the way. You find excuses to do anything. Most of the time those excuses actually do make sense.

Here's the thing, ignoring skills training stops you from becoming better.

How do you get out of the rut?

Try this interesting experiment on yourself. It won't take long, I promise and you may even enjoy it.

Still reading? Good, you're going to need some space. Read the instructions carefully, they're not difficult to follow and will only take a minute of your time.

  1. Start hitting yourself on your arm. I'm right handed, do I'll hit my left arm. Try and hurt yourself.
  2. When it starts to hurt, ask yourself this: "What can I do to stop the pain in my left arm?"
  3. Pretty easy to figure out hey.

Here's what I learnt from doing this exercise: when something causes you pain, stop doing it.

If you're still reading this you're probably wondering what this has to do with computer training. Well it's the same as stopping the pain except instead of stopping, you need to start. Just start.

To help make the decision easier, cs4a has three awesome specials for you to consider.

Zero to Hero

Learn everything you need to know about Excel, Word, Access, or PowerPoint. From knowing zero, to becoming the office hero. Basic skills and advanced skills are taught. You will never need help again.

How much will it cost?

The course normally costs R4260, but you can just start now for the incredible low price of R3000.

Web Design

Learn the basics of web design. From HTML and css to the latest html5 and css3. Learn about layout and typography. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Stop using the web and start creating it.

What does it cost?

You would expect to pay R6000 for this course. If you sign up before Easter 2011, you can complete the course for only R3600. Just start.

Linux Professional

Become a certified Linux Professional by completing LPIC-101 and LPIC-102. You will spend at least 40 hours coming to grips with Linux. LPIC is a fantastic qualification to have.

How much do you pay for this course?

Instead of paying R10520, you can start for only R7000. An incredible saving of R3520.

What are you waiting for?

Stop hurting yourself and start your computer training.

  • Zero to hero for only R3000.
  • Web Design for only R3600.
  • Linux Professional for only R7000.

Start now. Phone John on 034 326-4624 or Send an email with your contact details to us. We love training people and we would love train you to improve your computer skills.